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System implementation specialist \ System analyst

Finance group operating across Europe, partnering with retailers to offer custom-made credit and loyalty solutions is looking for System implementation specialist \ System analyst.

Main activities:

The successful candidate will perform following functions:

Analysis of new products, services and business processes;
Creation of business requirements together with business departments’ staff;
Working out requirements specification and functional requirements for development of loyalty system;
Parameterization of new products (loyalty campaigns), their adjustment in the system and testing full life cycle with subsequent implementation;
Documentation preparation for passing on implemented products for maintenance;
Working out reports and requests for data selection from the system;
Process maintenance with regard to system administration;
Working out new operational reports and revision of current ones on information from the system;
Implementation of new versions of loyalty system and revisions;
Analysis of exception cases caused by errors and failures of the system and users;
Preparation of technical documentation and manuals for users;
User consulting;
Reporting to: Head of IT

Specific Experience/Knowledge and Education:

University degree in Engineering and/or Computer Science;
At least 3 years prior experience on system implementation position in IT in the finance industry;
Fluent English;
Very good project management skills;
Written and verbal communications with peers and customers at all levels;
A self-motivated team player;
Strong organizational skills and very good attention to detail;
Ability to meet deadlines;

MUST be highly expert in:
In system analysis, operational and technological risks
Formalization of functional business requirements
Perfect knowledge of finance mathematics (ability to repeat and explain calculation of any credit values – interest, penalty, payment compounds from paying off schedule of any difficulty – annuity, complex and simple interest, etc., including ones complicated by special settings of non-standard rates, favourable periods, changes in products granting conditions, etc.)
Excellent knowledge in working with database management system: fast search of necessary objects, work with data multitudes with semi-automatic check of their properties (with SQL-requests), understanding work principles of triggers, indexes, connections of the following types 1:1, 1:M, M:N. If necessary writing requests for data modification in tables
Experience in working out formalized specifications requirements
Good knowledge and experience in testing methods use
Experience in writing user and technical documentation

За более подробной информацией обращайтесь по следующим контактам:

Канделян Карина
phone: (495) 926-41-00
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