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По умолчанию Вакансия: Developer / Analyst (Москва) - 06.04.2005, 12:57

Developer / Analyst ($2000-$3000)

Moscow branch of one of the leading international companies

Developer / Analyst will work in the Software Support and Development team in the Information Technology department of the Moscow branch of an international company. SSD provides applications and business systems development and support services. Internal customers are the main focus. SSD Developer/Analyst is responsible for timely and reliable provision of the above-mentioned services. SSD Developer/Analyst reports to the Moscow IT SSD Manager.

Role job responsibilities
• Messaging packages production support, enhancement to existing applications, new developments and internal customers training.
• Business analysis including working with internal customers to define business requirements and identify technical IT solutions.
• Management of IT project phases. Analysis of requirements, User-Acceptance -Testing, post-implementation support, Business-As-Usual process around bugs fixing.
• Work closely with vendors of third party applications to communicate new issues/bugs, formulate and translate new business requirements and define product models.
• Databases administration, configuration and maintenance.
• Administrative tasks including reporting testing results to business and maintaining documentation and internal knowledge databases.

Candidate requirements
• Excellent organizational skills
• Confident, assertive and effective communicator -- strong communication skills are a must. Fluent Russian and English, effective e-mail use.
• Strong analytical capability and ability to multi- task.
• Learning quickly and self-developing.
• Honest, initiative, responsible, self-disciplined, manageable.
• Ability to work long hours / weekends.
• Proven track record in developing and supporting large-scale financial applications.
• Application using MS VB, VB.NET and Oracle in the UNIX environment

Candidate essential requirements
• Knowledge of VB, VB.NET, VB for Applications, MS ACCESS,
• Oracle, DB2, MS SQL DBA experience
• Oracle Database Server SQL and PL/SQL development on Oracle 8i and 9i
• Both OLTP and OLAP database experience
• Data modeling experience
• Some exposure to Java, C/C+, AS/400 COBOL is very desirable

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